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Tube Medium

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In the bObles universe we love to create furniture that invites you to move and play. bObles Tube Medium is a fantastic piece of tumbling furniture which consists of two parts: a cylinder and a pipe.

Tube Medium is great for the baby to start strengthening the neck and back. It can be a bit of a workout for the baby to lay on the stomach, but movement and a little massage can help to prolong the time spent on the tommy which we know is great for the baby. Therefor the large circle is fantastic. Let your baby lay on top of bObles Tube Medium, while you gently rock Tube back and forth with a hand securely placed on your baby’s back for support.

For both the older baby and toddler, bObles Tube Medium is made for crawling through. This game can but a smile on every child’s face. If the child is feeling adventurous and brave, they can try to balance on top of bObles Tube Medium.

bObles Tube Medium is a beautiful piece of tumbling furniture that can be used by both children and adults. Use Tube Medium as small stool accompanied by the large bObles Tube as a little round coffee table.

Pipe: H 12cm, D 36 cm. Cylinder: H12 cm, D 27 cm

Because all our products are finished by hand, none of them are exactly alike and they might vary in size. bObles Tumbling furniture is made of EVA-foam and tested for children. The non-slip surface is soft, easy to clean and does not leave marks on the floor. Wash bObles with water.

It is easy to clean your Tube Medium, as bObles EVA foam is water repellent. Therefor we would recomend using soft cloth with neutral dishsoap.
You could also use lint rollers, disinfecting alcohol/hand gel or even bring your Tube Medium with you in the shower.