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Chicken Gym


Chicken becomes the family’s best friend as the baby start laying on its front or the toddler is working on its first tilt move. As the child grows older the tilt will develop from laying down to sitting up and finally standing up. The Chicken challenges the balance for children as well as adults.

H11 x L26 x B24 cm

Like bObles’ other tumbling furniture pieces, the Classic 2022 collection is made in firm EVA-foam with a soft surface, that encourages active play and sparks joy and imagination for both babies, toddlers, and children. And at the same they function as multifunctional furniture for the entire home.

It is easy to clean your Chicken Gym, as bObles EVA foam is water repellent. Therefor we would recomend using soft cloth with neutral dishsoap.
You could also use lint rollers, disinfecting alcohol/hand gel or even bring your Chicken Gym with you in the shower.

Chicken Gym in use

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