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Lie on the stomach

A strong back serves as a fundamental basis of achild’s development of patterns of movement –both when the child, as a baby need to lie on itsstomach, but also for children of the growing age.The best thing you can do, is to create conditionswhich helps the child down the right path, not leastmaintaining a strong back.

Roll, creep, crawl

With a strong back, the child will experience that it is easier to roll. When the child rolls, it is experiencing movement and in combination with the child’s curiosity, a breeding grounds for further development is created, where the child can start to creep and crawl.

The small child can benefit from being helped on their way, but besides that, it is all about creating a universe of different shapes and sizes while motivationally using objects with lights and sounds, so the frame for movement is right. For older children, it’s important to continue to roll, creep and crawl, because it highly beneficial for the child’s body awareness.

Walk and stand

Get up, stand up! The very small child often stands up for the first time on the parent’s lap. But it has to be practiced many times before the security is there and the first independent steps can be taken. It takes muscle strength in the legs and a well-developed balance to walk.

Therefore, when the child stands up, keeps standing, bending and stretching the legs or walks sideways supported by furniture, it is pure muscle-balance-training. The older child only needs an environment to practice over and over and over again. That’s the only thing that works in order to obtain walling skills.


It’s wonderful to jump – since it is the closest, we get to flying. It’s a great challenge for all ages. A perfect jump consists of a take-off and a landing and can differ endlessly. The more we jump, the more we learn about our body - and the more fun it becomes.


Our balance is with us in everything the body carries out. Inside mother’s womb the balance has already been stimulated for the unborn baby. The balance is stimulated by every single movement and every single difference in level for the newborn and the small baby. When the child is older – and able to move around by itself – the balance is not only stimulated but also challenged on its own terms. The safer the child feels in its balance and fall reactions, forward, sideways and backwards, the more the child will challenge it. And that is exactly what it needed – children and adults – through all stages of life: take a change and move your balance.

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