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Play meets developement

We all know that one person who reminds us of a real-life Pippi Longstocking. Seeing the world through a big smile and just maybe living a slightly fuller life than the rest of us. We all, however, start life in the same stumbling way. With a few tumbles and safe helping hands we play and we learn. This is precisely why from an early age we must challenge our children to use their bodies, to explore their limits and expand their imaginations. They should play freely - it is quite OK - they need to bruise their little knees, step on a crocodile, or ride an elephant. Who knows, perhaps even host a cozy tea party with an ant-eater?

bObles’ simple furniture are designed to inspire and invite play. They are meant to set the imagination of both parents and children free. And why? Well, because we know that children who actively play from their first years and through their childhood, do better later in life. It's apparently that simple. So, our purpose is simple; We design for life, play and happy children.

Founded by the visionary sisters, Bolette and Louise Blædel, Bobles has been at the forefront of the concept of play since 2006. From childhood companions in the '70s to empowered women and mothers, the sisters pioneered a new product category and established a renowned brand.

The journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to combine the design of geometrically shaped furniture inspired by animals with durable materials to create products that promote active play and invites to creativity. These pieces had to meet several criteria — effortless cleaning, noiseless functionality, durable quality, and undeniable aesthetic appeal — all seamlessly integrated into one.

Out of this they created bObles.

From simple sketches of animals in notebooks to the exploration of the right materials, the products evolved and debuted first in 2006. Physiotherapists were intrigued, children were captivated at first glance, and parents applauded with joy.

A new product category was born.

Today, the Elephant graces most children’s rooms in Denmark and has emerged as an icon in Danish design. Yet, our vision remains unchanged, perhaps even more vital now than ever; We design for play, life, and happy children.

The UN's global goals as our focal point

We here at bObles are dedicated to work with three of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

#4Quality education
#12 Responsible production and consumption.
#17 Partnership.

We have chosen to work with these specific three goals because of our burning desire to make a difference in all children’s lives as well as always choosing to do what is best for our planet.

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