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About bObles

The bObles way

bObles was created with the ambition to increase children’s quality of life by designing furniture that encourages movement. We design beautiful, functional, and stimulating furniture in shapes that contribute to children’s motor skill development. We call them tumbling furniture.   

We believe that children benefit from moving around and using their bodies as much as possible. By rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, and balancing they gain a happy body. And with body awareness, children have an easier time learning, they function better socially, and they feel more confident.

The story of bObles began in 2006, when Bolette Blædel, architect by profession, went on maternity leave with her first-born child. To her disappointment she found that children’s furniture was inadequate and uninspiring for her son, as most were merely miniatures of adult furniture. Together with her sister, Louise, designer by profession, an idea began to flourish: What if Bolette and Louise could create children’s furniture that would indulge children’s imagination through play while developing children’s motor skills? The idea of the Tumbling furniture and bObles was born. Multifunctional and simple geometrical forms -cut in the shape of animals - setting the spirit and the body of the childfree! Today, the vision is the same; to build furniture for children, that encourage them to play, learn and develop, while at the same time designing furniture with a beautiful danish design for a modern-day family. 

Sustainable development goals

The UN's global goals as our focal point

We here at bObles are dedicated to work with three of the UN’s sustainable development goals. We have chosen to work with these specific three goals because of our burning desire to make a difference in all children’s lives as well as always choosing to do what is best for our planet.

SDG #4Quality education.
We want all children to have the same opportunities to thrive, learn and develop in a community.  

It is so fundamental for everything we do here at bObles. Every piece of furniture, event concept and other initiatives are based on the desire to make sure that all children have the best start in life.

Further more, we have signed what is called “Småbørnsløftet”. Småbørnsløftet is a pledge to work towards giving all children equal opportunities to thrive, learn, grow, and interact with others.   

SDG #12 Responsible production and consumption.
We can not work towards giving children a better childhood without also focusing on creating a better world and taking care of the planet as well.

bObles work exclusively with factories that have decent working conditions for all their employees, who do not use child labor, and have good environment policies.

The factories we use make sure that there is no waste of foam material used un the productions of our products.

Our products are classic, high quality and passed down from child to child and from family to family.

Therefore, the products have a long-life cycle making them more sustainable.

SDG #17 Partnership.
Our desire is to reach out to as many children as possible. To do so, we want to expand and share our knowledge in close collaboration with like-minded partners.

We rely on value-creating partnerships with partners who share our values and who share our urge for making an impact for all children. We believe that giving children a happy childhood of movement and development, produces adults with better preconditions for making the world a better place. We chose our partners carefully. We have worked with many commercial partners such as LEGO, Vores Børn, Nordisk Film, Flying Superkids, Popsi og Krelle, Arbejdernes Landsbank among others, and we value the people who work with us.

Most importantly we work with different NGOs. We are very proud of the work we have done and the difference we have made with our NGO partnerships such as: Mødrehjælpen, Copenhagen pride, The Aids foundation, VWF, Børneulykkesfonden, Legeheltene, Save the children and many more.