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The best start on life

How do we give our children the best start on life?

This question has been the main inspiration for everything that we have ever done at bObles. That is why all our tumbling furniture encourages children to play creatively and always be in motion so that they have the best conditions for improving motorskill developement. Meanwhile bobles tumbling furniture is the epidomy of danish design as they are multifunctional, classic in their design that fits in every room of the modern family home.

Multifunctional design in high quality

Our mission is to give children the best start on life. And studies show that we can pursue this by giving children the best conditions for motorskill development.

The combination of well-thought-out, clever design in safe materials ensures the best possible basis for childrens motorskill developement. The soft EVA foam feels like skin, which makes it safe and comfortable for the child to play with.