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Tumble Heart

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The Tumble Heart is for baby and toddler. The heart is made up of three parts, that work great as both a table with a stool, a small staircase, or a cozy rocking horse when the balance needs to be challenged.

The smallest part is great for tummy time. Place it under your baby’s belly and neck, to elevate the head, since tummy time is a lot more fun when you are able to properly see your surroundings.

It’s also fun for baby to lie on the smallest part while looking up at mom's and dad's faces or exploring an exciting toy.

The middle-sized part is perfect as a small step, which the newly-moving or crawling child can move up and later sit on. In combination with the largest part, the Tumble Heart transforms into a set with table and chair, where the imaginative tumbling can offer a tea party or perhaps use it as a drum set.

The largest part of the Tumble Heart is wonderful to rock on - back and forth. The asymmetrical tilt challenges the balance and allows the child to practice how much they can move backwards and forwards before tipping, which creates body control and body awareness.

Together, the three heart parts form a wonderful obstacle course in different levels that the child can crawl or walk over - preferably with you in hand. When the child can move around independently, it creates confidence, and the body awareness that comes with it lays some of the cornerstones of a child's development.

L30 x W30 x H16 cm

bObles x Mødrehjælpen's Heart Series is made in warm, retro colors that match Mødrehjælpen's own red warm logo color. When you buy a product from the Heart Series, you are helping to support Mødrehjælpen's important work to ensure that all children in Denmark get a good start in life. bObles donates a portion of the profits for each Heart Tumble Furniture we sell.

It is easy to clean your Tumble Heart, as bObles EVA foam is water repellent. Therefor we would recomend using soft cloth with neutral dishsoap.
You could also use lint rollers, disinfecting alcohol/hand gel or even bring your Tumble Heart with you in the shower.