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Wave XL Grey

€77,00 €256,00

Wave XL is an exquisite sculpture and versatile tumbling furniture amalgamated into one design. With its fluid contours, Wave XL effortlessly integrates into various settings within your home.

Employ it as an elegant coffee table for beverages and floral arrangements, or as a cozy spot to alleviate weary feet after a demanding day. Featuring an impressive tilt and gentle halt, Wave XL provides a delightful experience for children. I

ts distinctive form renders it an ideal contemporary Scandinavian rocking horse, while its soft curves ensure a comfortable seating experience devoid of sharp edges.

Wave XL beckons to both children's creativity and adults' notions of seating, captivating our admiration and fascination alike.

h 40, d 40, l 40 cm

bObles Tumbling furniture is made of EVA-foam and tested for children. The non-slip surface is soft, easy to clean and does not leave marks on the floor. Wash bObles with water.

It is easy to clean your Wave XL Grey, as bObles EVA foam is water repellent. Therefor we would recomend using soft cloth with neutral dishsoap.
You could also use lint rollers, disinfecting alcohol/hand gel or even bring your Wave XL Grey with you in the shower.

Wave XL Grey in use

See here how others use Wave XL Grey in their decor and play.

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