Welcome to the bObles universe!   

The bObles universe is meant to be a space where every family can go to be inspired, amazed, enlightened, and entertained. With our digital universe we will show you just how to use your bObles tumbling furniture at home. With the help of many professionals we want to help all parents to develop their children’s motor skills in a fun and playful way. 

bObles tumbling furniture is multifunctional, and there are no limits to what you can do with the furniture. Find inspiration in our workout videos, music videos, fun and games for the whole family, all set in the magical bObles universe. 

Currently all inspirational videos are in its native laguage, Danish, but we are working on translating and giving them all subtitles. Hang tight it's coming soon!

For now enjoy all the exercises and playful activities.

Inspiration for Baby 0-12 mo.

Inspiration for Toddler (12-36 mo.)

Inspiration for Child (36+ mo.)