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bObles & Pippi - a perfect match!

bObles & Pippi – a perfect match

We celebrate the birthday of Pippi Longstocking and the inspiring initiative “Pippi of today” created together with Red Barnet. bObles and Pippi share a love for adventure, a curiosity of life and a positive and playful way of looking at the world – making us a perfect match. Therefor we have designed a collection of beautiful multifunctional tumbling furniture inspired by the stories of Pippi Longstocking. Every time you buy a product from the collection you are supporting the initiative pippioftoday!

Pippi has a unique way of turning trivial everyday chores into something magical and fun. bObles tumbling furniture was created with the same wish to bring more movement, fun and play into our everyday lives. Pippi is a very adventurous girl. A girl so strong that she can lift an entire horse! A girl full of confidence and knows her self-worth who is a very loyal friend.

We at bObles believe that when children, through motor skill development and play, gain body awareness, they strengthen the ability to learn, they enhance their self-esteem and find it easier to interact with other. In other words, because of the shared philosophy of life, Pippi and bObles are the perfect match.

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