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My child wont sleep

Sleep can make all the difference for your toddler and you as a parent. It is essential for feeling rested and having energy for whatever the day brings.

Without sleep we feel tired, but also after a long day with a million different impressions to process, can you feel fatigue in your body and mind.

Toddlers are often full of energy and a day in daycare can make them very happy and very tired.

If you feel your toddler being very tired after a long day, and therefor creating moments filled with frustrations and outbursts, some fun exercises getting the body moving can help switch the focus away from the negative to something fun and positive.

An example of a good relaxing exercise we call Marshmallow:

Sit quietly with your child on your lap while you gently but firmly press down on your child’s arms and legs like a marshmallow. With deep pressure, a wonderful sensory presence with the body is achieved.

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