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My child will not brush his teeth!

Everyday chores can be a struggle. But what if we could make it fun and playful using just simple tricks?

There is no way around it. As soon as the first tooth pops up, brushing morning and night is added to the list of things to do, and it often comes with its challenges.

Try to make it a game. Maybe you crawl like a crocodile to the bathroom getting your toothbrush. Maybe it is a fun challenge to stand on one leg while mom or dad brushes the child’s teeth. Or maybe it is a little tumble session on the floor before brushing your teeth that does the trick?

By doing a small fun exercise before or during the everyday chore, you shift the focus from the thing kids often find boring like brushing your teeth to something fun and playful instead.

Did you know that it is not just your child’s motor skill development that benefits from incorporating small and playful movements in your everyday routine? It is also very important for your child’s ability to learn!

- Children’s physiotherapist Louise Hærvig in collaboration with bObles

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