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My baby is not eating solid food!

When our babies first begin to learn how to eat solid food, it is our job as parents to guide them. Our babies learn by watching and mimicking everything that we as adults do, and therefore it is important for us to show them how to form a healthy relationship with food. ⁠

Show your baby that the food you are about to eat tastes fantastic and make mealtime - family time! Every meal should be a positive experience and there are a few important steps you can make before the actual meal, which can help making it fun trying new things.

  1. A gentle massage can awaken your baby’s senses in a loving way
  2. Turn your baby upside down and give lots of kisses before the meal.⁠
  3. Serve foods in different colors to make it more interesting

Learning how to eat solid food is one of the most difficult physiological tasks there is. Therefore, this particular skill takes about 2 years to master. So, we think your baby is awesome!

Just like adults, children use all senses when they eat. Therefor it is important to stimulate the senses before and during a meal. Make room for your child to be curious. Let your child examen the food, by looking at it, touching it, smelling it, and then tasting it.

- Specialist in children’s eating habits Charlotte Seeger in collaboration with bObles

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