tumbling time

creative play, motor skills development and happy children with their parents.

bObles Tumbling Time

bObles is creative play, motor skill development and happy children with their parents. Tumbling Time is an event concept, where we play together and get a better understanding of how we can stimulate and challenge our children’s motor skills. We roll, crawl, stand, walk, jump, balance, and develop a happy body. With body awareness, children have an easier time learning, they function better socially, and feel more confident. We also tell about how bObles started – and you get to ask all the questions you might have about us to our skilled Elephant driver. Tumbling Time is held at bObles retailers. Check if we come to a city near you.

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Tumbling Time photos

bObles Tumbling Time is held all over the country. Check our calendar to see if there is a Tumbling Time event near you.
If you have already participated in a Tumbling Time you can always go to our Facebook site and see photos from the latest events.