The happy development

make motor development fun!

Together with children’s physiotherapist, Louise Hærvig, bObles has made five “Tumbling Icons” that represent natural and basic elements in a child’s motor skill development. Playing and having a happy body is the basis for bObles’ Tumbling Icons. Movement should be wonderful and fun, and generally a child can never be too active. As the child is growing up, movement should be the most central element in the child’s motor skill development.Bodily challenges generate bodily experience, which leads to a happy body. We call this development “The happy development”.

Welcome to bObles Tumbling Icons.

Lie on the stomach

A strong back serves as an important basis for the child’s further development. This applies for the small child who should lie on the stomach, but also for the older child. One of the best things you can do is to set up conditions that help the child to progress and at the same time maintain a strong back.

ikoner-test4 Roll, creep, crawl

If the child has a strong back, it is much easier to roll. Rolling over is one of the child’s first steps towards becoming mobile, and in combination with the child’s curiosity, the child will soon be able to creep and crawl. One of the best things you can do, is to create playful universes of different heights with objects that have light and sound. The older child should continue to roll, creep, and crawl, as it is super beneficial for the child’s body awareness.

ikoner-test3 Stand up and walk

Get up, stand up. The small child often begins standing up on the parents lap, but it takes a lot of practice before the child feels confident and the first independent steps are taken. It takes muscle strength in the legs and a well-developed balance to walk. When the child is bending and stretching the knees while standing, it is pure muscle and balance training. The older child needs to practice over and over in order to achieve walking skills.

ikoner-test2 Jump

Jumping is wonderful because that is the closest we get to flying. Children of all ages, and even adults too, benefit from taking on this challenge. There are endless ways we can jump and land. The more we jump, the more we learn about our bodies and what they are capable of – and the more fun it gets.

balance-test Balance

The balance has an influence on everything the body does. The small child’s balance is stimulated with every move and every level change. When the child is able to move around without help, the balance is both stimulated and challenged. The more confidence the child has in its balance, the more the child will challenge it.

The Happy Development at Tumbling Time

Would you like to know more about The Happy Development?

At bObles we believe that it is important to play and move to strengthen and challenge our motor skills – especially because it is a lot of fun. That is why we have developed an event concept we call Tumbling Time.

At Tumbling Time we play together and get a better understanding of how we can stimulate and challenge our children’s motor skills. We roll, crawl, stand, walk, jump, balance, and develop a happy body. Tumbling Time takes place at bObles’ retailers around the world. You can see, when we come to a city near you right here.


At bObles we cooperate with children’s physiotherapist, Louise Hærvig, when we develop new products. Since the early days of bObles, Louise has taken part in many of our projects and has critically evaluated every tumbling furniture piece to make sure that it contributes to the child’s motor skill development.

Louise Hærvig works with children with vast varieties of disabilities and motoric challenges at Børneterapien (Children’s Therapy). She also have her own company called Børneriet.