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Tumbling Planet - Old Barber Shop

€69,00 €109,00

Tumbling Planet

The Old Barber Shop, tattoo artists

About the Tumbling Planets:
bObles and the danish children’s foundation” Børneulykkesfonden” has teamed up and created a campaign that puts focus on the UN’s sustainable development goals and supports the initiative called “Legeheltene”, that helps hospitalized children. Selected artists, designers and other creative souls have each created their own unique Tumbling Planet with one of the UN’s 17 goals in mind. The Tumbling Planets are limited edition pieces of tumbling furniture. .
All proceeds go to Børneulykkesfondens legehelte.

About the designer:
The Old Barber Shop is a well-known tattoo shop in located in the center of Copenhagen, where celebrities and ordinary people come to get their bodies decorated with unique works drawn in ink. The Old Barber Shop is owned by tattoo artist, Morten Barbré, who has also participated in the danish television show called "Tattoo Salonen".

Meassurements: Ø 25 cm H 20 cm

OBS: limited edition.