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Petite set

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bObles Petite set

bObles Crocodile, Fish, and Elephant have expanded their families with the sweetest new “petite” cubs in a beautiful new combination of warm colors. The simple danish design and size of the petite tumbling furniture makes them ideal in the decor. Use them as mini furniture throughout the house. Play with them together as a family. The Petite tumbling furniture is amazing for both interior design and creative play!

Elephant Petite: 21 cm x 37 cm x 15 cm
Crocodile Petite: 12 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm
Fish Petite: Ø20 cm x 15 cm

bObles Petite collection is made of firm EVA foam without any dangerous phthalates. The material is solid with a soft surface, it is easy to clean and does not leave any marks in the floor.