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Half Connect

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Half Connect

What child does not love to walk a line? Weather it be the lines on the sidewalk or a balancing beam at the gym it is simply a lot of fun challenging the balance. Therefor we know your child will love bObles Half Connect.

bObles Half Connect consists of 4 blocks which forms a perfect balancing beam when put together.
When the child has mastered walking the line with the flat surface facing down, Half Connect can be turned over so that the arched side are facing the floor making it more challenging to walk the same line.

The little baby will also love laying over the small arch strengthening the neck and back, while having a great outlook of the room or even better, an outlook to mom or dads smiling faces. When the blocks are faced with the arch down to the floor, it makes a great little tilting motion when you tap it, sparking the baby’s curiosity.

bObles Half Connect can also be used in the bathtub where the small blocks can flout around in the hot water with the other toys.

Half Connect and Connect goes great together if you want to build a tall tower.

Measurements: H14,4xL16xW8 cm Because all our products are finished by hand, none of them are exactly alike and they might vary in size.

Material: bObles Tumbling furniture is made of EVA-foam and tested for children. The non-slip surface is soft, easy to clean and does not leave marks on the floor. Wash bObles with water.

It is easy to clean your Half Connect, as bObles EVA foam is water repellent. Therefor we would recomend using soft cloth with neutral dishsoap.
You could also use lint rollers, disinfecting alcohol/hand gel or even bring your Half Connect with you in the shower.