Fish small

Lille Fisk (5556149387429)
Lille Fisk (5556149387429)

Fish small

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bObles Fish is one of our most versatile tumbling furniture. bObles Fish comes in two sizes and both separately and together they make an endless amount of possibilities for motor skill development and play.

bObles Fish small is your baby’s first chair for when the little one begins to mimic their siblings and parents. Balls can sometimes be very difficult for small babies to catch but bObles Fish on the other hand, is easy to grab when you roll it across the floor, making it a fun exercise to do on your maternity or paternity leave.

The clean lines and Nordic design make it beautiful as part of the décor in every room, and the lightweight EVA-foam makes it easy for children to move around. bObles Fish has many functions and works great as a steppingstone in an obstacle course, a stool for when the small hands need washing, or the teeth needs brushing. Make toilet training a fun game by using both the big and small Fish as a little stairway making it easy for the child to reach the toilet.

Small Fish: Ø 30 H 12 cm

Because all our products are finished by hand, none of them are exactly alike and they might vary in size.

Material: bObles Tumbling furniture is made of EVA-foam and tested for children. The non-slip surface is soft, easy to clean and does not leave marks on the floor. Wash bObles with water.


Roll and rock. Two great activities your baby will enjoy with bObles Fish. Activate baby’s reflexes with fun exercises for baby and parents during paternity and maternity leave. bObles Fish is a great piece of furniture that looks great in every room of the house while functioning well as baby’s first stool and chair. With bObles Fish you are guaranteed a great baby shower gift that brings joy and can be used for many years.


Fish can work great as a little staircase when put together with Fish small. The nonslip and lightweight EVA-foam makes it fun and safe to use when the toddler needs to reach the toilet, kitchen counter or bathroom sink. Together the two fish is a perfect little set of chair and table for the children’s room as well as the living room.


The obstacle course is not complete without bObles Fish. Fish’s large surface makes it fun to jump off from and the lightweight EVA-foam makes it easy to transport from one room to another. Let Fish be part of everyday routines such as brushing your teeth and cooking dinner, making it fun and playful with color and beautiful design.

bObles Tumbling furniture is made of EVA-foam and tested for children.

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