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Elephant medium Marble Nature

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Elephant Medium Marble Nature

bObles medium Elephant is a great piece of tumbling furniture for children of all ages. Elephant is an important part of both the baby’s, toddler’s, and child’s motor skill development.

Laying on top of bObles Elephants rounded back is a great way for the newborn baby to strengthen the neck. By laying in Elephants stomach the older baby can strengthen the back while rocking back and forth. When your child is old enough to learn how to walk your child can practice pulling him or herself up with the support of bObles Elephant. Because of the soft surface and material bObles Elephant will not harm neither your child nor living room floor.

Elephant has already become an iconic piece of furniture in a classic danish design. With its many different functions, bObles Elephant is part of the décor in both the children’s room as well as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. You can use it as both a chair and rocking horse or as part of a great obstacle course tumbling through the house.

bObles’ Marble Nature tumbling furniture is a beautiful and multifunctional addition to your home. With inspiration from earth, clay, sand, water, and moss, the warm colors blend into your interior design and have a both playful and calm look – that benefits children and their parents.

Measurements: H20 x L37 x W16 cm

Like bObles’ other tumbling furniture pieces, the Marble Nature collection is made in firm EVA-foam with a soft surface, that encourages active play and sparks joy and imagination for both babies, toddlers, and children. And at the same they function as multifunctional furniture for the entire home.