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Duckling Marble Nature

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Duckling Marble Nature

bObles Duckling is the perfect tumbling furniture for children of all ages. It comes in two sizes and both separately and together they make an endless amount of possibilities for motor skill development and play.

For the baby bObles duckling is great for strengthening the neck and back while laying across the back of Duckling. bObles Duckling is also fantastic for when you want to feel a little tilt. Place your baby on Duckling and rock it from side to side, while you make sure to hold on tight at the hips so that your baby feels safe. Most parents on maternity or paternity leave finds themselves playing a lot on the floor, but you can easily place bObles Duckling on the table while doing the same exercises, making it easier to create eye contact and a nice moment between baby and parents. Your toddler will love using bObles Duckling, tilting from side to side or back and forth.

The clean lines and Nordic design make it beautiful as part of the décor in every room, and the lightweight EVA-foam makes it easy for children to move around. bObles Duckling has many functions and works great as a steppingstone in an obstacle course, a stool for when the small hands need washing, or the teeth needs brushing. Make toilet training a fun game by using both the big and small Duckling as a little stairway making it easy for the child to reach the toilet.

bObles’ Marble Nature tumbling furniture is a beautiful and multifunctional addition to your home. With inspiration from earth, clay, sand, water, and moss, the warm colors blend into your interior design and have a both playful and calm look – that benefits children and their parents.

Measurements: H21 x L36 x W20 cm

Like bObles’ other tumbling furniture pieces, the Marble Nature collection is made in firm EVA-foam with a soft surface, that encourages active play and sparks joy and imagination for both babies, toddlers, and children. And at the same they function as multifunctional furniture for the entire home.