We love
to play with you!

Why we love to play with you!

Our events are a fundamental part of our bObles DNA. We here at bObles love to engage directly with our customers through different events while spreading the message about the importance of children’s motor skill development.

Our events give us a unique opportunity to interact and learn from you, while we tumble and play together.

0-12 mo.

Online Tumbling time

It is easy to run out of fun exercises to do with your baby when you are on paternity or maternity leave.

With Online Tumbling Time we will provide you with inspiration to lots of different exercises created by the talented children’s physiotherapist Louise Hærvig.

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0-12 mo.

Maternity Break Online

Welcome to Maternity Break – An absolute must when you are on paternity or maternity leave.

With the help of our experienced children physiotherapists, the audience attending is taken on a journey through the child’s motor development. During the show, the parents are presented with concrete and simple motor exercises that they can do with their baby and toddler.

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