A great start

Give your child the best start in life   

bObles was created with the ambition to increase children’s quality of life by designing furniture that encourages movement. We design beautiful, functional, and stimulating furniture in shapes that contribute to children’s motor skill development. We call them tumbling furniture.   

We believe that children benefit from moving around and using their bodies as much as possible. By rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, and balancing they gain a happy body. And with body awareness, children have an easier time learning, they function better socially, and they feel more confident.  

Equal opportunities for all children

bObles have signed what is called “Småbørnsløftet”. Småbørnsløftet is a pledge to work towards giving all children equal opportunities to thrive, learn, grow, and interact with others.

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Magic Motor Skills

We are on a mission! We want to bring movement and play into your everyday lives and routines. Why? Because children think and learn with their whole body.

With Magic Motor Skills we want to inspire families to make everyday chores such as brushing your teeth and putting on clothes more fun and playful in an active way with focus on developing the child’s motor skills. 

bObles want to help families incorporate more movement and play into their everyday lives, and while doing so making it fun for the children. 

My baby is not eating solid food!

When our babies first begin to learn how to eat solid food, it is our job as parents to guide them. Our babies learn by watching and mimicking everything that we as adults do, and therefore it is important for us to show them how to form a healthy relationship with food. 

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My child wont sleep

Sleep can make all the difference for your toddler and you as a parent. It is essential for feeling rested and having energy for whatever the day brings.

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My child will not brush his teeth!

Everyday chores can be a struggle. But what if we could make it fun and playful using just simple tricks?  

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The Happy Development

The fundamentals of motor skill development

bObles has developed five Tumbling Icons, each representing entirely natural and fundamental elements in the development of motor skills

The action of laying on the stomach, rolling, crawling, standing, walking, jumping, and balancing are always, for all ages the core of bodily expression.

Using the bObles Tumbling Icons, our ambition is to create a universe of movement, which can continue to inspire to bodily play and awareness of everything the body is able to do and needs to examine – but most of all the feeling of joy of movement – this is what we call the “The happy development”. This is linked to a strong combination of presence, curiosity, and sensory stimulus.

Lie on your stomach

A strong back serves as a foundation of a child’s motor skill development both for when the baby needs to lay on the stomach but also for the older toddler and child. The best thing you can do to support the child’s development, is to create conditions which motivates the child maintaining a strong back.

Roll, creep, crawl 

With a strong back, the child will come to learn that it is easier to roll. Rolling and moving, in combination with the child’s curiosity, creates a foundation for further development of new experiences such as creeping and crawling.

To support the child’s development, it is important to create a universe of different shapes and sizes, materials, and sounds, which all motivates and challenges the child to move and explore themselves and their surroundings. For older children, it is important to continue to roll, creep and crawl, because it is highly beneficial for the child’s body awareness.

Walk and stand

Get up, stand up! The small child will often stand up for the first time on the parent’s lap. But it must be practiced many times before the child is secure enough to take the first independent steps.

It takes muscle strength in the legs and a well-developed balance to walk. Therefore, when the child stands up, keeps standing, bending, and stretching the legs or walks sideways supported by furniture, it is pure muscle-balance-training. Practise makes perfect. To master these skills, the only thing the older child really needs is to keep practicing.


It is wonderful to jump – since it is the closest, we get to flying. It is a great challenge for all ages. A perfect jump consists of a take-off and a landing and can differ endlessly. The more we jump, the more we learn about our body - and the more fun it becomes.


Our balance is with us in everything we do with our bodies. Inside the mother’s womb, the unborn baby’s balance is already being stimulated with every little movement.

When the child is older and able to move around on its own, the balance is not only stimulated but also challenged. The more comfortable the child feels the more it will try to challenge the balance on its own. And challenging your balance is something we all should remember to do, children and adults, our whole lives through.