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Recommended by leading experts in child development

Children learn with their whole body.
Movement is so fundamental to children that it's fair to say that children think with the body.

Kjeld Fredens, Neuroscientist

bOble's many different elements invites the child to free playtime, movement and support, where the basic senses are activated, and thus contribute to a healthy bodily development.

Mette Vainer Wegloop, Baby specialist, craniosacral therapist and inventor of Tumlastik

We do world wide collaborations

Marketed and loved by top influencers around the world

Fun and safe play

Sustainable and non-toxic

For babies, toddlers, children, workout and even home offices!

Develops with the child

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bObles classic

Our original line of tumbling furniture designed to be both multifunctional and fun for children to play with.

Shaped as animals, they invite children to move and play, while the different colored stripes stimulate the babies’ senses.

Donut series

You can't help smiling, when you're jumping. That's a fact - and one of the many reasions we love the Donut series.

A perfect companion for children and adults of all ages in every room and even outside.

Our Donyt is created in elastic rubber with an EVA-foam knob in the middle. Switch the knob out and turn it into a swing.

Circle series

This collection of tumbling furniture was designed based on bObles love of the circular shape.

The circle as a shape is dynamic and playful and represents both the bObles bobble and the bObles O.

Pippi Longstocking

bObles and Pippi share a love for adventure, a curiosity of life and a positive and playful way of looking at the world – making us a perfect match.

Marking Pippi's 75th birthday we designed a collection inspired by the stories of Pippi Longstocking. 

Every sale also supports the initiative #pippioftoday.

Marble Nature

Like our classic collection Marble is shaped like different fun and loveable animals, but instead of the stripe we created a beautiful and subtle marble expression in the EVA-foam that looks beautiful in every room and easily hides dust and spots.

Rainbow (coming soon)

Coming soon..

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we want to give children the best possible start in life

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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In summary

• High brand awareness
• Iconic Danish design
• Multifunctional furniture
• Non-toxic
• Grows with the child
• Recommended by leading experts
• 4 collections
• Content tailered to your needs
• Best in class influencers
• Large pick and pack warehouse
• High delivery safety

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