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Pippi by bObles

Pippi is turning 75 y/o and to celebrate this incredible person, bObles has created a very special Pippi Longstocking series with colorful tumbling animals full of imagination and motorskill play for all ages.

©The Astrid Lindgren Company™. Illustrated by Ingrid Vang Nyman


The Petite series incorporates  danish design, small sizes and light weight which makes these tumbling animals perfect for to decorate the children room with - even the child place them where ever they want.

Use them as smaller furniture. Play with them and create tons of presence with the entire family.


To celebrate the 2020 Pride as well as World Pride 2021, we have designed a collection of rainbow-colored products, with lots of play and motorskill development.

We are proud to help spread the word about the many different, diverse and absolutely fantastic family constructions that children today are a part of.